January 18, 2016 fe-admin

How did I come up with the concept Don’t Pay Me No Mind …

DPMNM is not literal. It’s used as a metaphor.
I think the term embodies who I am as a person.

Let’s talk music. I went to school and studied my craft for two years before I took it seriously.
Don’t Pay Me No Mind tho.

Let’s talk about passion. I taught myself how to direct and edit and enjoy studying film in my free time. Don’t Pay Me No Mind.

We can talk fashion. Florence Italy … bought a few bags from my favorite designers. Once again, Don’t Pay Me No Mind.

Let’s talk content. “I see it I live it I rap about my current events, them boys saw it on TV then they picked up a pen.” Please Don’t Pay Me No Mind.

Now let’s talk personal. I’m from the Virgin Islands where being a successful hip hop recording artist doesn’t exist. My family and most friends can’t see my vision. #DPMNM


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